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Not coding at the highest level of specificity - general-level coding or under coding can equal a rejected or denied code. The problem is that some billers are only minimally educated on coding.

Not having access to the provider - while providers may not always be available to consult on difficult-to-understand claims, you need a good coder to use the maximum attempts to try and clarify a report. 

Failing to use up-to-date code sets - effective coders need to stay educated on industry coding standards at least every 6 months

Late Claim submission - Some billers simply overlook billing out claims, working rejections and missed visits. It is recommended that the biller submit claims at the end of each day and work missed visits and rejections timely.

Claim is missing information - a detail-oriented payer will notice omissions and count such omissions as a reason for denial.

Not Chasing Late Payments - Claims are being lost, never know whether the receipt of the claim is acknowledged by the payer and claims are not being followed up timely is  becoming a challenge for physicians and practices. In turn, practices end up losing tons of money. A desirable denial rate for a practice is under 5%. 

Lack of aggressive appeals - the Medical Group Management Association found that only 35% of providers appeal denied claims, a percentage that should be much higher. A top-notch denial management system will inspect every single denied claim and ensure it is correct and appeal where necessary.

Claim is not up to payer standards - some payers are more sensitive than others to claim issues, knowing which payers are the pickiest ensure the most flawless claims possible.


  • “De Lune Corp. has provided quality service in our community with their outstanding team of professionals. They were recognized as the Chamber’s Small Business of the Year for 2019.”

    Holly Hicks Dougherty

    Executive Director Mount Vernon Lee Chamber of Commerce
  • “I’d like to be able to refer customers to De Lune Health, so I’ve added De Lune Health to my network on Alignable”

    Lisa Humes

    Executive Director HealthMarkets
  • “De Lune Health has been very instrumental in helping our practice get paid for denials that dated back over a year. As a result of their efforts, we were able to recoup much of our money within a 45-day period. They were professional detailed, and very effective.”

    Rick Griffin

    Healthcare Consultant
  • “I began working with De Lune Team few years ago. This team did an excellent job for our ASC billing and reports. My billing team continually go above and beyond We were very impressed by your billing company”

    Biolanda Mancillas

    Office Manager Harlingen Medical Center
  • “My Practice lost our billing person and, as a result, we needed someone who knew our EMR/EHR, was familiar with our specialty, and could pick up assisting in denials and re-submissions. De Lune Health proved to be the perfect answer”

    Christina I. Braun, M.D., P.C


Our experienced and dynamic team of expert billing operators will help you

  • Reduce billing errors with simplified billing processes and ensure billing compliance.

  • Achieve increased collection rates up to 20% while working on ways to improve cash flow.

  • Improve your revenue recycle management by reducing costs on administrative functions.

  • Ensure that performance efficiency is achieved by analyzing every aspect of billing requirement.

  • Ensure total confidentiality of your information, thus safeguarding secrecy and non‐disclosure of your vital data.

  • Achieve huge cost savings as opposed to staffing new employees for handling billing processes.

  • Measure practice performance with transparent reporting tools.

  • HIPAA-Compliant Billing and Data Security

Account Receivable or denial management special projects

Is your A/R increasing?

Poor A/R follow-ups?

Rejections/exclusions not being attended?

Many unattended Denials?

  • We bring to you a complete suite of billing services involving clinical reimbursement analysis, understanding of crucial processes and analyzing ways to optimize reimbursements.
  • Thus, we help you manage the entire revenue cycle effectively. We help you streamline your billing functions cost-effectively by reducing payer denials, eliminating undue hassles and costs, and offering a fully standardized service.
  • We guarantee that our cutting-edge billing solutions will greatly reduce your payroll overheads and help you maximize revenue.
  • We offer a no-cost/no-obligation revenue cycle assessment for all healthcare providers in the local area.
  • You have the option of engaging us to handle your entire revenue cycle, or to work alongside your in-house billing/current billing company to handle just the denials and seriously delinquent accounts in your revenue cycle.

Our Guarantee

Our team of qualified billing professionals with decades of combined industry experience will assist you with streamlining your billing functions in conformity with your requirements and will help you identify crucial areas warranting corrective measures while reducing your payroll overheads.

Rest assured that the privacy and security of your data is our highest priority. We ensure that our policies, processes and workforce strictly adhere to the regulatory requirements of the Health Insurance

Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

De Lune Health makes the outsourcing medical billing process and decision much easier - we offer you the only Service Level Guarantee in the industry. We guarantee: